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Micah Hofferth

Writer. Maker of Things. Incredible Value.

I am a Writer and a Theatrical Artist.

 My writing credits are listed and linked below. A sample portfolio of my Theatrical work may be found in the gallery to the left.

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Writing Credits

Charles Farrar Brown, the Sometimes Racist Father of Standup Comedy Splitsider

Seba Smith and the Birth of American Political Satire Splitsider

The Rope Throwin' Political Comedy of Will Rogers Splitsider

Open Mic Night in Chicago Splitsider

Side Show Glimmertrain

2012 Very Short Fiction Award Honorable Mention

The Last Night in France

Xavier Players New Play Workshop

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  • WrrrdNrrrdGrrrl

    To the kids who are being threatened with reprisals if they go on strike: Do it. Seriously, just fucking do it. T……

    22nd February @ 01:48
  • MicahHofferth

    @michaelianblack I trust your judgement sir! I'm off to heart the book without discovering its subject. Keep up the good work!

    16th February @ 18:22
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